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Xtreme Willing and able: New based. Italian quality. Now stepping up with designer Jacob Ørholm (co-founder of PNS, designer of DENM OL Rio design, Team Novo Nordisk, Team Carl Ras e.g.

Jacob will be the creative lead of our Willing & Able collections and be head of  the overall xtreme team appeal. With prime focus on both visual corporate ID and raise the xtreme street credit.

Vi kan skabe et unikt design for jer for penge ex. moms. Ved større tøj-projekter med direkte ønsker, mange styles, skitse- og korrektur-gange beror prisen på en dialog inden opstart.

Den store og frie opgave vil dog sjældent overstige 5.000 kr. ex. moms.

New manufactor. Upscaled.

Below you will find price examples of xtreme’s product lines: Boulevard, Race and Off Season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Style: Race

 Produkt 10-29 stk 30-100 stk +100 stk 
Rouleur Jersey Herre 480 DKK/STK 450 DKK/STK 385 DKK/STK
Rouleur Bib Short Herre 560 DKK/STK 530 DKK/STK 490 DKK/STK
Rouleur Bib Short DAME 560 DKK/STK 530 DKK/STK 490 DKK/STK
Jersey LS Unisex 660 DKK/STK 544 DKK/STK 522 DKK/STK

Eksempel v. 10 sæt

 Produkt STK Pris  Total
ROULEUR Fit Jersey  10 480 DKK/STK 4.480 DKK
ROULEUR Fit all Bib Short HERRE  5 560 DKK/stk 2.825 DKK
ROULEUR FitBib Short DAME 5 560 DKK/stk 2.825 DKK
Design og levering  0 DKK
I alt  10.130 DKK

Alle priser er ex. moms.

Style: Boulevard

 Produkt 5-9 stk 10-100 stk +100 stk 
Fit all Jersey Unisex 625 DKK/STK 415 DKK/STK 320 DKK/STK
Fit all Bib Short Unisex  730 DKK/STK 485 DKK/STK 415 DKK/STK
Cap (min. 200 stk.)  42 DKK/STK v. 200 stk.

Eksempel v. 10 sæt

 ProduktSTKPris Total
Fit all Jersey Unisex 10415 DKK/STK4.150 DKK
Fit all Bib Short Unisex 10485 DKK/stk4.850 DKK
Design og levering   0 DKK
I alt  9.000 DKK

Alle priser er ex. moms.

Off Season - Priser

Produkt +10 stk +50 stk
Jakke – Vandtæt Windtex 890 DKK/STK 800 DKK/STK
Vintertight – Roubaix m. Bib 675 DKK/STK 610 DKK/STK

Alle priser er ex. moms.

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