Willing and able since 2001

Born and raised in Denmark. Surprisingly outstanding cycling apparel since 2001. Developed by recognised riders. As the muscular nerve in our team.

Friendly made in Western Europe. Together with our exclusive textile fabricator. Based on nature’s finest and qualified raw material. Only added no-nonsense features.

Functional effective and super fast. Out of the ordinary. Out there. Exactly how and why we created it. 

Designed for any rider. In any move. Both competition and commuting. Through any weather. At any speed. Willing and Able. And surprisingly outstanding.

by recognised


Out of the ordinary

out there

Kasper Würtz

"Willing and Able are born and raised in Denmark. Creating cycling apparel since 2001..."

Designed for any rider

In any move.

The W/A Team

Jacob Ørholm, our W/A Brand creator spend a few decades within Cycling / Branding.
Jacob first co-founded Pas Normal Studios – left before the succes. Jacob later designed the Danish RIO
Olympic DENM collection 2016. Now the visual of all national teams.

For the past 5 years Jacob has been Global Brand Director, at Argon 18, Montreal. Until a serious (cycling) accident 2 years ago paused Jacob. Konggaard has shown a huge and caring attention for this, Jacob’s both professional and personal comeback

Jacob works within Konggaard giving birth and raising Willing and Able together with a team of well recognised riders. Adding plenty – but only – no-nonsense features.

The W/A team will also make Team wear more in synced with the look of todays cycling.

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Throughout any weather. At any speed.